Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Perfect Suit

Yesterday I attended two graduation parties. It made me realize my graduation is in one week and high school really is over. It also made me realize that I am in desperate need of a new bathing suit, or two. Somehow I only have one and it got messed up during canoeing in gym. Not being the tiniest girl out there, I have to resort to wearing tankinis. Their no the cutest thing out there, but it covers my stomach and works on me. I by no means have the body for a bikini, nor look good in a one piece, so tankinis will do. Here are my top choices for swimwear this year at different price ranges for different bodies.

They should have a fun print or detail on top and then keep it simple on the bottom,
1. Juicy Couture - $157 via Saks
2. Ralph Lauren -$112 via Nordstrom
3. Delia's - $44
Triangle or Halter cuts are key for bikinis, as well as an all over print.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs- $158 via Shopbop
2. Local Motion - $73 via Victoria's Secret
3. Roxy - $50 via Urban Outfitters
One Piece
Keep it simple with a mainly solid swimsuit and a sexy cut.

1. St.John - $180 via Neiman Marcus
2.Gideon Oberson - $138 via Bloomingdales
3. American Eagle - $25