Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Style: Get Printed

Just when I thought it was gonna start getting warm outside, its still super cold. I really need to move to a warm climate. AP Environmental is killing me and I have no idea what I'm doing. My teachers a psycho,the whole class is pretty much failing, but thank god the year will be over soon. That's actually kinda scary though, Senior Trip is in exactly 2 weeks (Washington D.C. and Busch Gardens) and then Graduation will be here before I know it. It's really quite scary just how fast life moves.And not just my life, but the people around me, the news, the fashion industry. It just seems everyone is just up and onto the next thing and I wonder if in the years ahead I'll just have any time to relax at all. I think I'm going to make a promise top myself to try and keep my life as stress free as possible from June through August and just go with the flow and see what happens.

One thing that is not relaxed is the prints that are in for spring. From global prints, classic floral, and everything in between, an awesome print can give your outfit a standout look. Don't go too overboard on the prints though, choose one key piece and keep the rest of your outfit simple. A top, skirt , or dress seems to work great.



Shapely Patterns:


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Runway the Cheap Way

In lieu of the first day of spring (even if it is cold out), I've decided to take a look back at the Spring 2008 ready to wear collections. While many of them are now working their ways into stores, not everyone can afford to own these looks (I know I certainly can't). Having nothing else to do today, I've looked through pages and pages of I looked at all 8716 looks) and picked out some of my favorite looks for the Spring season in order to recreate them at more affordable prices and into more casual looks. Here's what I've come up with and I hope you enjoy.You can click the link following each look to find out where to get the clothes from.

Inspiration: Chanel - Look: Americana

Inspiration: Collette Dinnigan - Look: Springtime Safari

Inspiration: Elie Saab - Look: The Springtime Dress
Inspiration: Emporio Armani - Look: Checkered Cool
Inspiration: Lanvin - Look: Black and Blue

Inspiration: Nicole Miller - Look: Purple Chic

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Style: Flat Sandals

Ahh, so I am completely horrible at keeping this thing updated. I really can't help the fact that I'm busy though. On Saturday I went to go see Cobra Starship and We The Kings. It was my first standing room only concert and it was soo much fun. Then Sunday was the bridal shower and I end up just wearing that printed jacket from target with jeans and flats. The shower was soo boring, I wish I didn't have to go but whatever, hopefully the wedding will be better. Then all week I've just been doing various tasks and homework. Today I had 2 quizzes and a test which was completely ridiculous but whatever. Today is also Pi day(3.14), so Happy Pi Day everyone! I made chocolate chip cookies with pi symbols on them for math and they were soo good. I'm finally going to the mall tomorrow, so I guess I can check out the hype that is Gilly Hicks and get spring clothes elsewhere. Enough about me, lets get talking trends.

Flat style sandals are not only chic and trendy, but also comfortable and easy to walk in. From patent to metallics, gladiator to braided, there's tons of options to choose from.

Dolce Vita has a great selection of sandals for spring. I myself own a pair and must say they are so comfortable.

Urban Outfitters offers tons of styles of sandals from different brands. There's something for everyone from colors that pop to a more natural look.

Lately Nine West has been making such cute shoes, and sandals are no exception.

Shopbop is always good for shopping the trends, and have some exceptionally cute yet expensive sandals.

So take my advice to heart and go out and get yourself a pair of flat sandals, believe me you will not regret it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Style:Handbags

I'm so happy to have all my projects done with in school. Seriously doing 3 projects at once cause a lot of stress on me. Talking about stress I should be seeing if I got into University of Delaware within the next 2 weeks. Hopefully I did, otherwise Philadelphia University here I come. Ugh, enough school talk. The new style icon of the month is Kate Nash just because I love her so much and that dress is adorable. For the rest of my month I'll be doing a mixture of posts of whatever I want to talk about and then some spring style must haves. Today I will be staring with bright colored handbags.
Whether it's neon leather, colorful patterns, or a bold color, this seasons handbags definitely make a statement. They add a little spark to any outfit and are perfect for the Spring/Summer. It gets away from the white handbags a lot of people carry during these months and by carrying one you'd probably get soo many compliments. Here are some of my favorites:

Let's start off with Coach. A lot of people are not fond of the brand, but I adore it and they have some great spring colors in their leather bags. Here we have the Bleeker Duffle in Canary and the Madeline tote in Geranium.

Marc by Marc Jacobs bags always have an array of color and this season is no exception. Here are a few I love. All via ShopBop.

L.A.M.B. is another lovely label and they also have some beautiful bags out for spring. All from Eluxury.

Here are some really expensive bags we can all lust over, but will never afford. All from Neiman Marcus.

And then of course we have the more affordable bags that are still stylish and trendy.
Via Macy's.

I hope this gives people ideas for a great handbag for spring, and please let me know what else you'd like to see on the blog.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


So Target was pretty much a bust. They had like one pair of black dressy pants and they were made like crap, the button was falling off. They had a a huge selection of the Jovovich-Hawk line, but not the dress I really wanted. I tried on about 15 things, but nothing was that amazing. The only thing I remotely liked was the blue vest with the yellow striped shirt underneath, but for the quality it wasn't worth it. I do keep thinking about it though so maybe if I still like it I'll get it later on. I did get 3 tops I liked though, two were $7 each on sale and the other was $25. I'll have to head to the mall sometime this week to get pants and maybe I can convince my madre to buy me some other stuff. I totally think I need to go to therapy for a shopping addiction. Anyway here's what I got.

And here's what I wore today.

Juicy Couture Sweatshirt
Lucky Brand Jeans Tank
JCPenny Tank underneath
American Eagle Jeans
Urban Outfitters Flats
Coach Carly Bag
Now lets just hope we get some warm weather soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm in such a good mood today. It's the 1st day of March, which means spring should be here soon. I've lost 2 pounds this week and I just cleaned my entire room. It looks so nice now, I couldn't believe the amount of dust and old papers that were in there, it was gross. It's funny how cleaning makes you feel good and accomplished. As I was going through things, i realized I have every Teen Vogue from October/November 2003 and on. It's so fun to look back in them and see what was in then versus now. I'm going shopping tomorrow because I need to be something to wear to my cousin's fiance's Bridal Shower next week. I haven't been to one since I was little, so I'm debating if I should get a dress or pants. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by Target tomorrow (I literally haven't been in one in about 2 years), as the Jovovich-Hawk Go International line comes out tomorrow. I haven't really loved any of the past Go lines, but this one is soo cute. They have such nice stuff for spring and here are some of my favorite looks from the line.

I'm trying to change my style up a little bit and some of these pieces can help me do it for an affordable price. I'm especially liking the vests and the printed dress. Everything goes on sale at Target in store and online tomorrow.