Sunday, March 2, 2008


So Target was pretty much a bust. They had like one pair of black dressy pants and they were made like crap, the button was falling off. They had a a huge selection of the Jovovich-Hawk line, but not the dress I really wanted. I tried on about 15 things, but nothing was that amazing. The only thing I remotely liked was the blue vest with the yellow striped shirt underneath, but for the quality it wasn't worth it. I do keep thinking about it though so maybe if I still like it I'll get it later on. I did get 3 tops I liked though, two were $7 each on sale and the other was $25. I'll have to head to the mall sometime this week to get pants and maybe I can convince my madre to buy me some other stuff. I totally think I need to go to therapy for a shopping addiction. Anyway here's what I got.

And here's what I wore today.

Juicy Couture Sweatshirt
Lucky Brand Jeans Tank
JCPenny Tank underneath
American Eagle Jeans
Urban Outfitters Flats
Coach Carly Bag
Now lets just hope we get some warm weather soon!

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