Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm in such a good mood today. It's the 1st day of March, which means spring should be here soon. I've lost 2 pounds this week and I just cleaned my entire room. It looks so nice now, I couldn't believe the amount of dust and old papers that were in there, it was gross. It's funny how cleaning makes you feel good and accomplished. As I was going through things, i realized I have every Teen Vogue from October/November 2003 and on. It's so fun to look back in them and see what was in then versus now. I'm going shopping tomorrow because I need to be something to wear to my cousin's fiance's Bridal Shower next week. I haven't been to one since I was little, so I'm debating if I should get a dress or pants. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by Target tomorrow (I literally haven't been in one in about 2 years), as the Jovovich-Hawk Go International line comes out tomorrow. I haven't really loved any of the past Go lines, but this one is soo cute. They have such nice stuff for spring and here are some of my favorite looks from the line.

I'm trying to change my style up a little bit and some of these pieces can help me do it for an affordable price. I'm especially liking the vests and the printed dress. Everything goes on sale at Target in store and online tomorrow.


KiKi said...

welcome back I love the line and my town is finally getting a target in my small town on March 5th.

Chaolita said...

nothing special, but something nice;)