Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ramblings & Fashion Week

So my promise to keep this blog updated a lot has obviously gone out the door. I've been so lazy lately, it must be that "senioritis" kicking in. I promised myself I wouldn't slack off and I did, now my math average is a 79. I can usually hassle my grades up, but my teacher refused to give me an 80, so there goes honor roll for 2nd quarter. Oh and my AP Environmental teacher has been out all week with a broken nose, so who knows what my garde is in that class. I didn't read all of Metamorphosis for English because it's lame and I'd rather read Style by Kate Spade. I've been trying to take a lot of fashion books out of the library lately and read up on everything. From fiction to style guides to history, it's all so interesting. I love seeing how trends have evolved throughout the years and stories about people coming from nothing making it to the top. Speaking of style, I decided to change Style Icon of the Week, to the Month because a week goes by too fast and I'll probably run out of people before I know it.

NY Fashion Week starts on Friday, which means starting Saturday I will be glued to the tv watching the shows on UltraHD(ch.729) and frequently checking I love getting ideas for outfits and seeing what the designers think of. I can't even imagine all the hard work that goes into these shows, it must be such a hectic process. The shows I'm most excited for are THE HEART TRUTH'S RED DRESS COLLECTION 2008, BCBGMAXAZRIA, NA·BE BY VICTORYA HONG, TWINKLE BY WENLAN, BETSEY JOHNSON, NANETTE LEPORE, PROENZA SCHOULER, and of course the MARC BY MARC JACOBS and the MARC JACOBS shows. On that note here are a few looks I put together from some of those designers.


Dress and Shoes - BCBGMAXAZRIA via Nordstrom
Bag - BCBGMAXAZRIA via Lord and Taylor
Ring - Betsey Johnson - sold out online
Necklace - Rachel Leigh via Shopbop

Marc By Marc Jacobs:

Everyting MBMJ - via Shopbop

Miss Sixty:

Clothes - Miss Sixty via Revolve Clothing
Boots - Miss Sixty via Urban Outfitters
Bag - Marc Jacobs via Eluxury

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

When I first watched The O.C. I instantly loved the character Summer. When I began to see Rachel Bilson in interviews she seemed like such a cool person and had a good sense of fashion. Over the years her style has grown and I am such a fan of her outfits. No matter where she is going she looks well put together and on point. She's one of the positive role models in young hollywood and someone who I am a huge fan of. This outfit is great for winter and very easy to recreate.

I decided to make a polyvore and for some reason it won't post to the blog, so here's the link.

Either jacket would do justice to the outfit and I know the tank is overpriced, but I couldn't find anything cheaper.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


When I was 6 years old and heard Just A Girl by No Doubt for the first time, I knew they were going to be my favorite band. Gwen became an icon to me and I used to walk around saying " I'm going to be like Gwen Stefani when I grow up". Eleven years later I'm still as big a fan as ever, but definitely do not by any means have an amazing singing voice. The only thing I can do to remotely be like Gwen is go into the fashion industry. When I found out she was coming out with handbags in 2003, I was in 8th grade and pretty much flipped out. I begged my mom for one and then for that Christmas I got one and was ecstatic. It was my first "designer" item and that's when I really started taking a keen interest in fashion. After that she has come out with clothes, shoes, watches, luxury bags, and a perfume. Everything she has come out with has amazed me and I am proud to be an owner of L.A.M.B. products. Gwen will always be an icon to me and I will keep on supporting her endeavors.

One thing I love about the L.A.M.B. clothing line is that each season is different. Of course there's a whole lot of Gwen in all of them, but a different theme always brings each season together. Whether it be a pirate theme, mod theme, or rastafarian, the line is always consistently great. From the little details that go in the clothes, to how their displayed on the runway, 95% of the time the line is impeccable. Like every clothing line L.A.M.B. has it's flaws, but it always manages to bring out something that makes up for that. I'm now going to post a few of my favorite pieces from each season, and what pieces I'm excited about for Spring.

Spring 2004:


Fall 2004:


Spring 2005:


Fall 2005:


Spring 2006:


Fall 2006:


Spring 2007:


Fall 2007:


Spring 2008:


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hooray for Shopping!

So mid-terms are finally over and we only have one day of school this upcoming week(Friday), so what better way to get over stress then some retail therapy. I've been in a pretty spring-y mood lately, so I opted to buy some new spring clothes. My camera broke, so I'll just use some stock photos. Everything is just pretty normal spring stuff(er well the belt is for winter, but it was $5), nothing too trendy. I really just has time to go to American Eagle and I got the amazing Dolce Vita sandals for $36! because the store that sells them was going out of business, but the shoes just came out. Definitely my favorite purchase of the year so far.




So what is everyone's favorite purchase of the year so far? Did you get a steal on something great, or splurge on something amazing?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Posts till Saturday.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been crazy busy with midterms, projects, and scholarships, so I haven't really had much time to go on the computer, let alone post. On that note there will be no real posts until Saturday and no new style icon of the week, so for now you can gladly look at the other blogs you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Style Icon: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has been everywhere lately. Grey's Anatomy. Knocked Up, and now 27 Dresses. I cannot wait to see this movie and she looked stunning at the premiere. Her look is extremely expensive in her Bill Blass dress and Jimmy Choo heels. A similar looks would look great for a dance or formal event.

I figure splurge on the dress and save on everything else. It is the most noticeable thing you'll be wearing anyway. Either one of these BCBGMAXAZRIA dresses would look great and keep all eyes on you. Both via

These shoes form Aldo come in a variety of colors, so you can either add a little pop to your outfit or keep it classy in a metallic or neutral color.

For accessories take things from your own wardrobe or head over to Claire's and get some cheap, simple pieces. A sophisticated clutch will add a great touch to the outfit and have you looking better than everyone.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Spring 2008

I know I just posted about winter fashion, but in all seriousness I cannot wait for spring. Lately I've been thinking how much a long for warmer temperatures and the sun shining, wearing flowy tank tops and skirts, and just how much I'm craving those 7FAMK sneaker wedges from the February Teen Vogue. All the resort and spring lines have been slowly creeping their way into stores and just seeing them motivates me to start getting in shape for the next season of the year. And then I reminisce the runway shows and pretty much sitting in front of TV watching the shows on the UltraHD channel for hours (I still tune in when they repeat them) and checking just waiting for photos to come up. Right now a lot of spring ads are in the magazines, and here are some of my favorites.

So I love M.I.A. and I love Marc Jacobs so combing the two for the MBMJ S/S 08 ads was genius in my book. I opened up my Lucky magazine and fell instantly in love with this ad and wondered why this one wasn't going around the Internet and the other one where she was in more menswear type clothes was. Oh and this also has convinced me I need an over sized clutch even though I have no use for it.

This ad makes me want to go out immediately and buy a swimsuit. I'm not usually a big United Colors of Benetton fan, but the models used are gorgeous (Hello! Chanel Iman <3) and the colors are great. If I didn't already want to run to the beach, I do now!

I love how Fendi is focusing more on the bags and bracelets than the actual model. They really pop out at you and reinvent their baguette bag in a great way.

I always love Mulberry's ads and this one is no exception. They bring spring indoors and create a hip vibe, and both models are gorgeous. Plus who doesn't want a lobster on their bag?

I don't care how much people dislike these bags, I love them. Louis Vuitton has made a great ad once again and the yellow of the car really brings out the color in everything. It seems like extremely bright colors really are ruling this season.

Just Cavalli is another company who always does their ads completely well. Those shoes are fantastic and the setting is wonderful.

This is just a handful of what is to come for spring/summer and if you didn't already feel like shopping for the upcoming seasons, I'm sure you do now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winter Wear

So right now it is freezing here in New York. Layers are a must and Uggs (yes those ugly, yet comfy boots) are a necessity. Due to the weather people are dressing odd and if I see one more person use leggings as pants I will scream. Actually i hate leggings in general, but that's just a personal dislike. The fashion mistakes I see going through my high school are atrocious. I'm sure it's like that in every school, but it's so annoying. I'm not saying I'm some fashion guru or anything, but I don't understand why people are running around school dressed like a clown or some Indian from an old western film. And flip flops when it's snowing, I mean come on! I think parents should pay more attention to what their letting their kids walk out of the house in, or maybe the teens should just pay more attention to what their putting on. Anyway here is a list of winter essentials everyone should have, that will make you look good and not crazy.

  • Pea Coat - classic & timeless a pea coat looks good on pretty much anyone and will keep you warm during those cold months
  • V- Neck Sweater - I believe a V-Neck cut is very flattering and buying sweaters is various hues can make your wardrobe colorful and warm.
  • Sweater Dress - they're in this year and see everyone wearing them, if your going to wear on choose a flattering shape and then add fun accessories and colored opaque tights to finish off the look.
  • Jeans- you can never go wrong with jeans. Dark washes are perfect for winter, whether you go skinny or wide they can add simplicity to your look.
  • Boots - find a warm pair of boots to wear. UGGs are impractical for snow, so why not going for something more durable instead. Wellies seem pretty sufficient for the wintry weather.
  • Jewel Tones - of course you see a lot of gray and black in the winter, but not go for a richer color. Deep purples and pinks can brighten up you wardrobe and colors such as emerald green will bring a refreshing outlook to winter.
  • Layering - do not be afraid to layer, it can look good. Throw a tank top over a solid long sleeved shirt or even just through a cute cardigan over your outfit. layers will help keep you warm and are a winter accessory.

A lot of people believe there's not much you can wear in winter, but the possibilities are endless. Start with basics, find your style, and then go crazy(but not too crazy). Just because the spring lines are showing up in the stores does not mean you should run and buy them, instead find the great winter items on sale because there's still 3 months of winter ahead.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Style Icon: Mischa Barton

So I decided to come up with the feature Style Icon Of The Week. Every week I'll put up a new person, whether it be male or female, and then recreate their look with affordable pieces in a post.


Ever since her days on The O.C., Mischa Barton has been a star girls have looked up to for style advice. Although she's had some bumps down the road, she seems to always look good. Here we see her in a more laid back look, that anyone can easily pull off.


Instead of stripes, why not go for something with a little more pattern or texture?


There's so many kinds of jeans out there, it's hard to choose just one. For this outfit a basic flare seems to work best.

American Eagle makes great jeans for the price and these will give your outfit that casual kick.


Of course here we find Mischa wearing Keds. Their classic, go with a ton of things, and hey she models for them. Sadly these exact shoes are no longer available, so why not go for some vans instead?

Add your own accessories with a little flair, and you have a great outfit for the day.