Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hooray for Shopping!

So mid-terms are finally over and we only have one day of school this upcoming week(Friday), so what better way to get over stress then some retail therapy. I've been in a pretty spring-y mood lately, so I opted to buy some new spring clothes. My camera broke, so I'll just use some stock photos. Everything is just pretty normal spring stuff(er well the belt is for winter, but it was $5), nothing too trendy. I really just has time to go to American Eagle and I got the amazing Dolce Vita sandals for $36! because the store that sells them was going out of business, but the shoes just came out. Definitely my favorite purchase of the year so far.




So what is everyone's favorite purchase of the year so far? Did you get a steal on something great, or splurge on something amazing?

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Baby Jess said...

yay for surviving midterms!! i go to lehigh university, currently a sophomore. my favorite purchases have been a burberry and louis vuitton scarf... it's so cold in pa so i'm obsessed with them. also, i got some really cute ones from j.crew!!