Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'll be left alone forever with my magazines...

While most of the hype was about Gossip Girl this week, another one of my favorite TV shows comes back on tonight. That show would be Ugly Betty and I can't wait to see what happens. Since the show revolves around a magazine company, I figured I'd pick out some of my favorite magazines and show some things that I love about them.

Magazines are one thing that almost everybody enjoys, and you can pretty much find a magazine for almost anything. I read mainly fashion related magazines, but I believe my house subscribes to at least 30 magazines (hey most of them are free). From traveling and food to clothes and cars, we pretty much get a bit of everything. Sometimes I'll browse though a few here and there, but I mainly pick up these 4 magazines.

My favorite magazine would have to be Teen Vogue. They are always on point with trends and show easy ways to wear them. Unlike most magazines who only show expensive clothing, Teen Vogue offers a variety of selections, most of which one can just pick up in the mall. Their articles are well written, and focus on issues ranging from global warming to anorexia. The covergirl is always a positive role model in which people can look up to and in general the magazine has never disappointed me. I actually have every issue saved from October 2003 till now and it's always a great refresher to look back at them.

Another magazine I love to read is Lucky. It shows the best of everything from clothes and accessories to make-up and traveling. The magazine is always laid out well and keeps the reader interested. It also doesn't hurt that every month they have amazing contests and awesome discounts for online retailers.

With huge pages, W magazine is not only great for details, but also decorating walls. They always have unique fashion spreads and show the best of high end designers. I admit I don't always take time to read all the articles, because I'm usually more interested in their pictures.

I just started reading Nylon this year (free subscription from UO) and I really enjoy it. The magazine is slightly edgier than what I usually read and mixes looks from the runway with street style. Every issue features people and places from a different part of the world and they also have a great feature where they go behind the scenes at a factory (this month's was havaianas). This has easily become one of my new favorites.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inspiration from Art

Senior Trip was amazing, and something I'll always have a memory of. Because I was so busy I didn't take too many pics, except on the last day. We had around 3 hours to roam around D.C. and the first thing I did, along with 2 friends, was go to the Art Museum. Consisting of two buildings connected by an underground tunnel, one building contains artwork from past centuries, while the other contains more contemporary art. The insides of the buildings were so gorgeous and peaceful, I really just wanted to stay there forever. There were so many gorgeous pieces there that we didn't have time to see them all, but what we did look at seemed to be some of the best pieces they have. When I was looking at a few pieces, I totally saw how they can transcend into the fashion industry today. Here are pictures I took of some of my favorite pieces and you can translate them yourself into whatever you want them to be. Sadly I don't know the names or artists of the artwork because I didn't have anything to write them down with.

This piece had to be one of my absolute favorites, I don't know why, but I love it.

And of course an Andy Warhol:

After that we went to the Indoor Botanical Gardens, and here's a few pics from that.

Is that A for Alexa? And how gorgeous are those 3 flowers?

Yea, it was a lovely day (inside), but what you don't see is the dreary weather outside.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Senior Trip

Tomorrow, er four in the morning to be exact, I go on my senior trip with my school. It's the last real school event I'm going to (besides graduation), as I will not be going to prom. I'm so excited and the weather is gonna be warm, hopefully. Most people are all ugh why do we need to do something educational?, but I actually enjoy Washington D.C. I've only been there once, but found it interesting and I'm glad to go back. We will also be going to Busch Gardens, so there's the fun factor. I'll be back on Monday, hopefully with tales and pictures from the trip. (btw, I got an 80 in AP Environmental this quarter, woohoo)