Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inspiration from Art

Senior Trip was amazing, and something I'll always have a memory of. Because I was so busy I didn't take too many pics, except on the last day. We had around 3 hours to roam around D.C. and the first thing I did, along with 2 friends, was go to the Art Museum. Consisting of two buildings connected by an underground tunnel, one building contains artwork from past centuries, while the other contains more contemporary art. The insides of the buildings were so gorgeous and peaceful, I really just wanted to stay there forever. There were so many gorgeous pieces there that we didn't have time to see them all, but what we did look at seemed to be some of the best pieces they have. When I was looking at a few pieces, I totally saw how they can transcend into the fashion industry today. Here are pictures I took of some of my favorite pieces and you can translate them yourself into whatever you want them to be. Sadly I don't know the names or artists of the artwork because I didn't have anything to write them down with.

This piece had to be one of my absolute favorites, I don't know why, but I love it.

And of course an Andy Warhol:

After that we went to the Indoor Botanical Gardens, and here's a few pics from that.

Is that A for Alexa? And how gorgeous are those 3 flowers?

Yea, it was a lovely day (inside), but what you don't see is the dreary weather outside.

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looks like u had a great time