Sunday, June 8, 2008

Resort 2009

While most people are gearing up their summer 2008 wardrobes, the rich and the famous are focusing on the Resort 2009 fashion shows. Resort lines usually come out around December/January and are focused toward those who are lucky enough to go on vacations to warmer places around that time. While designers of all kinds release Resort lines into the stores, the main focus is on the well-known and high-end designers. Here are a few of my favorite Resort 2009 lines.

Stella McCartney

A mixture of simple hues and fun prints made this collection and A+ in my book. Set in a garden party setting, this unconventional show set forth what will be hot for 2009. My favorite piece? The sailboat dress on Chanel Iman.

Marc Jacobs

One of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs took his love of fashion seriously with heart details throughout the collection. From simple jackets to intricate dresses, the clothes would suit one through various aspects of their vacation.

Christian Dior

Bright Colors and embroidered detail were the basis of Galliano's Dior runway. With inspiration of the 1960's in America and a slight touch of Bollywood, the collection offered a little something for everyone. Although a few of the pieces to me seemed reminiscent of Betsey Johnson, it was still a gorgeous collection.

Tory Burch

To me, Tory Burch is always there to bring a fun, casual, yet sophisticated look to clothing. Provided was perfect cuts and geometric prints, which seem perfect for a summer day. Don't forget to pay attention to the handbags, which are equally as charming as the clothes.
Part 2 of this post will be coming within the next few days.

Sorry for the Delay

So I kind of took an undeclared hiatus, which I am not proud of it. I really wanted to update this like everyday, and I don't really know why it I haven't. Lack of ideas maybe, I'm not sure. Not too much has happened since I've been gone; did some shopping, took some tests, saw Sex and the City. I can't believe I have exactly one week of school left in my high school career. It's scary, yet exciting, but it's definitely going to be weird leaving the comforts of school. Even though my last full day of school is Friday, prom isn't till the 26th and graduation the 28th. I have decided to go to prom pretty much last minute through friends begging me to go and me thinking I'll probably regret it if I don't go. I don't have date, but neither do most of my friends so we'll all have fun there together. Now to just find a dress and shoes and whatnot, ugh. So yea that's just a little bit of catch-up on my life and I'll have a real post a littler later today. For now I'm going in the pool, the weather decided it was going to be 92 degrees in NY today and I for one am happy about that.