Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winter Wear

So right now it is freezing here in New York. Layers are a must and Uggs (yes those ugly, yet comfy boots) are a necessity. Due to the weather people are dressing odd and if I see one more person use leggings as pants I will scream. Actually i hate leggings in general, but that's just a personal dislike. The fashion mistakes I see going through my high school are atrocious. I'm sure it's like that in every school, but it's so annoying. I'm not saying I'm some fashion guru or anything, but I don't understand why people are running around school dressed like a clown or some Indian from an old western film. And flip flops when it's snowing, I mean come on! I think parents should pay more attention to what their letting their kids walk out of the house in, or maybe the teens should just pay more attention to what their putting on. Anyway here is a list of winter essentials everyone should have, that will make you look good and not crazy.

  • Pea Coat - classic & timeless a pea coat looks good on pretty much anyone and will keep you warm during those cold months
  • V- Neck Sweater - I believe a V-Neck cut is very flattering and buying sweaters is various hues can make your wardrobe colorful and warm.
  • Sweater Dress - they're in this year and see everyone wearing them, if your going to wear on choose a flattering shape and then add fun accessories and colored opaque tights to finish off the look.
  • Jeans- you can never go wrong with jeans. Dark washes are perfect for winter, whether you go skinny or wide they can add simplicity to your look.
  • Boots - find a warm pair of boots to wear. UGGs are impractical for snow, so why not going for something more durable instead. Wellies seem pretty sufficient for the wintry weather.
  • Jewel Tones - of course you see a lot of gray and black in the winter, but not go for a richer color. Deep purples and pinks can brighten up you wardrobe and colors such as emerald green will bring a refreshing outlook to winter.
  • Layering - do not be afraid to layer, it can look good. Throw a tank top over a solid long sleeved shirt or even just through a cute cardigan over your outfit. layers will help keep you warm and are a winter accessory.

A lot of people believe there's not much you can wear in winter, but the possibilities are endless. Start with basics, find your style, and then go crazy(but not too crazy). Just because the spring lines are showing up in the stores does not mean you should run and buy them, instead find the great winter items on sale because there's still 3 months of winter ahead.

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Noel said...

I'm very obsessed with peacoats :].