Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drop everything, Start it all over.

I really have no good reason for why I haven't updated, just lack of motivation I guess. I've decided I'm just going to forget everything I was going to post about and start fresh this week. Updating this blog was a promise I made to myself, and I want to follow through. It's not like I have that much of an exciting life to write about and I don't have an amazing wardrobe, but I'll do my best to keep people interested and to keep them reading. So enough of me making up excuses and onward with the post.

It's been on and off raining here almost everyday and it made me realize I really want some rain boots. You hardly see anyone around here wearing them and it makes me wonder because they seem so practical. Maybe people think it's weird to walk around in a pair of rubber boots, but personally I'm craving them. With different styles and colors to choose from, where does a girl begin?

Well where I'm going to begin is with the basics. Hunter rainboots, or "wellies" as some like to call them are classic. With a good height and an array of colors, they seem to be perfect. I'm personally fond of the Navy colored pair. Find them for $98 at Shopbop.

Completly stylish, commonly faked, and pretty expensive are just a few words used to describe Burberry's rainboots. If I had the money, I'd snatch them up in a second because they go with anything, and from reviews, are amazing quality. Pick up a pair for yourself for $170 at the Burberry website.

For something with a little edge, why not go for some Chooka boots. With different prints ranging from tattoo inspired to plaid, all eyes will be on your feet. Get some at Nordstrom for $60.

Now I know some of you are thinking those are ridiculous prices to pay for a pair of rubber boots. A solution to that is these boots from Target. They only cost $20 and come in both prints and solid colors. I like the multi colored star ones.

Now I just have to decide if I want to buy rain boots now, is rain season almost over?, or wait until the fall. Ahh decisions, decisions.


aschlee said...

Rain boots are great, my friend 'n I got matching rain boots, they're green with a yellow toe... I think they're pretty stylin' :P I really like 'em. Good post.

Maggie said...

'Remember more than you'd like to forget'