Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fashion Week Day 2

Have I mentioned how much I love fashion week? If I lived in NYC I would totally hang around Bryant Park trying to catch a glimpse of the action, but sadly I don't.

Today started out with the Lacoste show and they literally brought snow indoors. They started and ended the show with all the models coming out, which was a cute idea. The brand kept up with their appearence of preppy chic and I loved how they had "couples" go down the runway. It was definitely a good show to open the day with and once I again I saw that lovely color of yellow.

I've never heard of Mara Hoffman and I don't know why since the brand has apparently been around for a few years now. I was definently impressed by the show though. It seems as though the inspiration was india mixed with jetsetter and I loved some of the prints they incorporated into their looks. Oh and they used M.I.A's Paper Planes in their soundtrack which is an automatic plus in my book.

I'm usually not a fan of high socks or leggings, but Sass & Bide makes them work. With sparkles, metallics, paint splatters, and frills, this collection combined a rock edge with girly elements. I love the detail put into the pieces and and there was no absence of ROY G BIV. This is definently one of my favorite collections of the week.

Rock & Republic brought a new element to fashion week with a full on rock orchestra playing in the middle of the runway.The designs were sleek and edgy, with very little denim in sight. The color scheme was mostly black, with pops of purple here and there. Overall the show was kind of blah to me, but I guess it works for fall.

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Sarah Mendelsohn said...

i loved sass and bide's fall 2008 line, nice blog