Friday, May 2, 2008

No sweatpants for me please.

So I decided to give the blog a little spring makeover. It's cheerier now and I figured it was time for a slight change. Obviously I suck at updating, but hey school keeps me busy. Speaking of school I decide I will be attending Pace University in Westchester, NY. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to start the next chapter in my life. I'll be majoring in marketing and since the school doesn't offer any fashion classes, I'll most likely take some classes at FIT in the summer. Speaking of college, the other day my friend made an observation that I never wear sweatpants. I replied with I wear them for gym. She then said what are you going to do in college next year when everyone is in sweats and your the only one dressed up. That started to get me thinking. Does everyone really wear only sweats in college or is that just a rumor? It's not like I think sweatpants are gross or anything, I just think they should be worn to either work out or lounge around the house. When I walk out of the house I want look put together and sweatpants just don't give me that feel. Actually I am guilty of wearing sweatpants twice this whole school year besides for gym, one time I was sick and had 3 tests so I just wanted to be comfy and the other time was on the way to senior trip in Washington D.C., but I changed into jeans at the rest stop. Here are some looks I would rock in college, which are still cute and comfy.


La Petite Californienne said...

I love the outfits you chose and they
don't look "dressed up" t all!

KiKi said...

I like the new layout bright in a good way

Fashion Ivy said...

The outfits look great, and no not all ppl wear sweatpants.