Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fashion Alphabet

The September Teen Vogue always features an article called Fall Fashion A-Z. I figured I'd make up my own list of what I think will be hot for fall and what I'm into right now. There will be a different post for each letter, and here's a little preview.

A - Art Inspired
B - Bows
C - Collaborations
D - Denim
E - Exercise
F - Fringe
G - Grommets
H - Handbags
I - Inspiration from Menswear
J - Jewel Tones
K - Knotted
L - Layers
M - Models
N - New Music
O - Organic
P - Plaid
Q - Quick Fix
R - Runway Your Way
S - School Girl
T - Totally High
U - Up and Coming
V - V-Neck
W - What Not to Wear
X - Xtra Eye Candy
Y - Yellow
Z - Z Beginning of Fashion Week


jane said...


costume jewellery said...

interesting list. I always find a-z lists interesting where fashion is concerned. I agree with lots of these

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