Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Runway

So Orientation was pretty interesting. There was definitely a diverse group of people there, which is sort of new for me but a good thing. I met a few cool people, but not a roommate. The whole experience made me really excited to start college. For the past few days I've been learning how to drive. I was always scared shitless to drive, but I really had to start learning and now it's not so bad. I've been doing some dorm shopping also and I never thought it would be this hard to shop for a dorm. There's so much stuff I need and since I'll probably have the same stuff for the next 4 years, I'm being super picky. I'm sure I'll be able to get everything I need though.

Tonight, one of my favorite shows, Project Runway returns. It's the last season in NY, which I'm sad about, but so far the challenges and judges sound great. So not to spoil anything, you can check it out info on the episodes on the Bravo websites. This year's group looks edgier than previous seasons and a lot of the cast has really good backgrounds in fashion. Seasons 2 & 3 will always be my favorites. but I can't wait to see what Season 5 has to offer. Right now I'm rooting for Emily, who already has a really cute clothing line called Smoke and Mirrors, and Wesley, who seems to have a more classic style and interned at Marc Jacobs (an added bonus in my book).

Who are you rooting for?



Secretista said...

Not sure who I'm rooting for, I need to watch the 2nd episode to decide. But it's the last season in NY? I thought they were just switching networks?

Where are you going to school?

Secretista said...

Oy. That WILL be a diff. vibe!

PACE is a good school. I have a coupe friends that go there. Lucky you will get to attend Inside The Actor's Studio. My friend got to see SJP!